Evoca1 X Pixel Pancho in London.

Two of the best street artist collaborated and made this beautiful piece. It can be found on the streets of East London. It looks like the two styles combine perfect together.
Pixel Pancho is an Italian artist, born in 1984 in Torino. Evoca1 is an Dominican artist who is also born in 1984. This is a dream duo!

ROA for WallCome Festival in Schmalkalden, Germany

Belgium street artist ROA completed a new piece for the WallCome Festival. His new artwork can be found in Schmalkalden in Germany. The artist spent two days in completing this work. 

Banksy returns: "The girl with pierced eardrum" based on Vermeer, Bristol (UK)

Banksy returns on his homeground, Bristol. Not being arrested as earlier reports stated but still active on the streets. The unknown artist completed a beautiful mural inspired by the masterwork from the dutch painter "Jan Vermeer". As usual banksy painted the mural overnight. 
Not long after this someone decided to throw blue paint on this masterwork...

C215 new big mural on the streets of Paris, France

C215 is back with a massive mural. The famous french artist completed this big mural on the streets of the capital of France. 
The mural is one of his iconic colorful pieces. Christian Guemy which is C215 his real name always blow our minds.

Fin Dac made this amazing work of art in West London (Maida Vale).

Irish street artist Fin Dac finished this mural in Maida Vale, West London. The artist once again delivered a stunning realistic piece. The details and colors are just incredible. Enough words spoken just enjoy the pictures!

Cute street art top 5

In this post we collected the cutest street art from around the world. People mostly mistake graffiti with vandals and therefore think about offensive paintings. But some artist just make some cute works. 
Below you'll find a selection of 5 of the cutest works of art.

Pleghm street art in Cardiff, Wales

Pleghm completed this massive mural on the streets of Cardiff. The artist made one of his recognizable graffiti paintings.

Brusk new piece in Lyon, France

Brusk made this beautiful mural in his hometown, Lyon. The french artist is clearly inspired by Ronald Mcdonald in this red and yellow piece of art.

Ernest Zacharevic "enjoy graffiti" mural in Los Angeles

Ernest Zacharevic completed yet another beautiful mural. This time he got inspired by the coca cola logo. The mural can be found on the streets of Los Angeles.

Wall Therapy - Alexis Diaz in Rochester, USA

The Wall Therapy street art festival is underway and Alexis Diaz stopped by in Rochester to paint this beautiful mural. The puerto rican artist delivered once again a beautiful piece. There was a lot of rain in Rochester but he finished the piece between the rain showers.

New graffiti mural by Hopare in Limours, France.

Hopare is back with a brand new graffiti piece. The artist completed this beautiful colorful work of art in the french city Limours. The young french artist only needed a few hours to complete this work.

RONE in Montreal, Canada - New big mural

RONE is back with a new beautiful mural. This big piece is yet another beautiful portrait graffiti piece by the Australian artist. Get amazed by this work of art.

Top 5 Graffiti Street Art from April 2014

Here are some beautiful street art pieces from April 2014. Including works from C215, Vinz, Alexis Diaz, Banksy and INTI. 

Alexis Diaz in Perth, Australia.

Famous artist Banksy in Bristol, UK

C215 in Vitry, France.

INTI in Quintanar de la Orden, Spain

Vinz in London, UK

Best Street Art from March 2014 - Top 5

March was yet again a perfect month with some beautiful new murals. In this post I will showcase five of the best works made this month. Including the works from C215, Borondo, Fin Dac, Pose and Nychos. From Jamaica to New York. Enjoy!

Borondo, London - UK

C215 in Jamaica

Fin DAC x Angelina Christina, Los Angeles - USA

Nychos, Linz - Austria

Pose, NYC - USA

I(L) "Nobody likes me" mural in Vancouver, Canada.

I(L) completed this mural on the streets of Vancouver, Canada. Many thought this was the work of Banksy. The work shows a kid desperate of getting some facebook likes, symbolizing the impact of social media on kids nowadays.

More StreetArt.

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