Heerlen, Street Art City in The Netherlands (HRLN Street Art)

Street art can be found around the world. Some city's promote this kind of art and give young artists a change to express their art around the city. In Heerlen, in the south of the Netherlands near the German border, a group of famous artists got the change of making a brand new mural. Below you find the pictures from works from Faith47, SuperA, Rookie and DAleast.

Earlier artists such as ROA and OsGemeos got the change of making a big mural on the streets of Heerlen. The local government also takes responsibility of maintenance of the art walls. The municipality will reserve €40.000 a year for projects like this. That's why Heerlen has become the most important city in street art in The Netherlands.

Heerlen got two premiers at the reveal of the new murals. Chinese artist DAleast and South African artist Faith47 never painted on the streets of Holland before.

The last picture shows a work by Colin van der Sluijs and Super-A. This mural with the caged bird and gas mask refers to the old days when mine workers in Heerlen took a bird with them to see if there where no gas leaks. This is a perfect example of street art being used to tell something about the history of a city.

Source, pictures made by Luc Lodder

Wild Cat by DAleast

Madonna by Faith47

Colin van der Sluijs x Super A - Caged bird

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